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We now run a drop-in service please enter your details on the following form to see if we can arrange a collection slot for a food parcel if you qualify.

  • No. of people in family

  • Are you in receipt of or waiting for state benefits?

  • If you are in self-isolation, do you need support to purchase goods? Or are you unable to afford to buy goods?

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If you are unable to afford to buy goods, please explain in detail the reason for this? The more detail you provide, the better, including any benefits you are on.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We aim to make the process of receiving a food parcel as simple as possible. If there are any questions you have that we have not answered, feel free to email us at hello@noorfoodbank.co.uk

The only requirement we ask is that you must be in genuine need of the food.

Yes, we try to supply at least 10 days worth of food for the whole family and always take into account the number of people in the household.

Yes, we can alter your food parcel to fit your needs - if you have allergies or certain religious requirements, we will make sure we only include the food you can consume.

Once a week, however we may limit the number of times you can receive one depending on demand.

A mixture of things - we try to provide a balanced diet with with fresh fruit & vegetables whenever possible.